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February 11th, 2011
Author - David Liu

Author - David Liu

In 1988, Taiwanese businessman, David Liu came to Melaka, Malaysia, and set up Up Central Garment (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Later, he had the opportunity to join Tzu Chi and took refuge under Master Cheng Yen. Since then, he has been actively involved in charity.

In 2001, he wound up his garment business and donated his factory and land to Tzu Chi; and he became a full-time volunteer of Tzu Chi.

While walking the Tzu Chi Path, he accumulated a wealth of wisdom and also made an effort to put them in writing. To-date, he has written and published the following: Soup for Your Soul & Senses, Let Life Take Flight, Tzu Chi Way – Q & A, Words from the Heart and Dawn of Awakening. 

He has been invited to give lectures on his Tzu Chi’s experiences in tertiary institutions like Ming Chuan University, Fu Jen University, National Cheng Chi University and De Lin Institute of Technology in Taiwan. In addition, he has also been to many Tzu Chi Chapters worldwide to share.  

In 2004, after the South Asia Tsunami, he began to help in the rebuilding project carried out by Tzu Chi in Sri Lanka and in Tzu Chi’s local operation.

Many may ask: What is the art of living? Where can we find it and how should we begin? Please allow David Liu to explain this all to you.

From his first book, “Soup for Your Soul & Senses”, David Liu has stated that “Life is like sailing on the ocean, where we must find our bearing. When, our bearing is off, do not panic. Instead steer it back on track and we will be able to live a happy life everyday.”

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